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Awards Luncheon

Our Award Programs serve as a way to thank members of our community whose projects or actions reflect the best of the American spirit of volunteerism by offering constructive solutions to contemporary problems. We are also proud to recognize the dedicated service of veterans and other individuals whose patriotic citizenship has left the community a better place for all.

Student Delegate Desire Brown


Larry Zeigler - our Awards Program emcee

Our Local Heroes

The following outstanding persons were the recipients honored for their leadership, volunteerism, and excellent communications at the San Diego Chapter's 44th Annual Awards Luncheon held at the Admiral Baker Club House on February 9, 2017.

Chapter President, Brenda Ferich introduces Adele Lancaster as the San Diego County Patriot of the Year.

                            ADELE LANCASTER

San Diego Chapter American Patriot of the Year Award is given to honor an FFVF member for their exemplary, unselfish service to our chapter and the FFVF organization. The individual contributes time, talent, energy, and ideas to ensure tha tthe work of the chapter is focused on the Mission, Purpose and Goals our National Organization. Adele Lancaster was honored at our Awards Luncheon as our recipient for 2017 and is also our nominee for the Spirit of '76 National Award.

Sharon Henry and Brenda Ferich present Jo Dee Jacob the George Washington Honor Medal.

                                          JoDee Jacob
                “Operation Thin Mint - CEO with a Sweet Legacy
                         George Washington Honor Medal

After retiring in 2001 Navy Captain Jacob became the chief executive officer the Girl Scouts San Diego Imperial Council. In the aftermath of 9/11, Jacob and her scouts began the yearly tradition of sending cookies to our troops.

Chris Megison accepts the George Washington Honor Medal from Brenda Ferich and Adele Lancaster.

                         Tammy and Chris Megison 
      “Solutions for Change” Solving Family Homelessness -                  One Family, One Community at a Time
                    George Washington Honor Medal

Tammy and Chris Megison created something special 16 years ago to address the homeless problem in their community. The 1000-day program requires parents with children to commit to the hard work of changing themselves and the habits that led to their homeless, destitute state to creating a positive supportive home environment where their children feel safe, secure and loved.

Brenda Ferich and Sally Syren present the George Washington Honor Medal to Howard Oleff.

                                             Howard Oleff
                                       “High Five Volunteer”

                              George Washington Honor Medal

After a successful career in the media, Howard Oleff found his calling as a volunteer in the New Immigrant Center at Crawford High School and used the “High Five” hand slap as a means of communicating with non-English speaking students.

Brenda Ferich introduces Paul Day, recipient of the William O. Perry Award as Chapter "Volunteer of the Year".

                                     PAULA DAY                  

This new award is to honor one FFVF Chapter member for the exemplary service and personal commitent to their Chapter and the overall mission of the FFVF in the course of a calendar year. Paula is our Chapter Treasurer. This job has taken on a life of its own as she not only manages the account but collects all monies for Membership, Day at the Races, the Awards Luncheon as well as student donations. National requires a yearly in depth status report which is a job she has also very capably assumed.

Valerie Stunich accepting the "Hero" award on behalf of her late husband Jacque Stunich.

                              Valerie Stunich
                               “Hero Award”

Valerie Stunich accepted the award in honor of her late husband Jackque Stunich for his heroic efforts to come to the aid of a police officer being beaten by an assailant.

George Washington Honor Medal recipients Chris Megison, Jo Dee Jacob Jo Dee Jacob and Howard Oleff.

San Diego County Patriot of the Year Adele Lancaster and
Paula Day, William O. Perry - Chapter Volunteer of the Year.

Many thanks to the Board for their support and donors who made generous contributions to the success of the event.

Recognition of community members who are making a significant difference is such an important part of our chapter's program. We need your help in identifying groups or individuals who “go above and beyond the call of duty”on a local regional or national level to promote good works and serve their community on an ongoing, day to day basis. If you are interested in nominating someone for an award, or interested in working on this committee, email Jo Liddell.