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As you may be aware we are a very active chapter. Much of it is due to our Board of Directors and their tireless efforts and our many active members. We deeply appreciate your generous contributions since our membership dues and fundraising efforts do not cover the rising cost of running our programs to educate our young people on the heritage and values of America.

A portion of your donation/payment, in excess of the value of the benefits received, is deductible as a charitable contribution to Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, San Diego County Chapter, a 501c(3) non-profit organization (FEIN 23-7375538). A contribution, where no benefits are received, is 100% deductible. For additional information, please consult your tax advisor.


        Remembrance Fund            

Further the work of the San Diego Chapter Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge through your tax-deductible contributions.

In memory of ___________________________________________________________

In honor of ____________________________________________________________________

Or for some other reason.

Please make checks payable to FFVF
Mail to: Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
Post Office Box 81614
San Diego, CA 92138-8161

You are invited to join the San Diego Chapter Freedoms Foundation. Your membership, at any level, is a statement of your commitment to our Nation's Heritage. Your membership is tangible evidence of your belief in the basic values upon which this nation was built, the private enterprise system, and responsible citizenship.

A note from our membership co-chairs
Adele Lancaster and Jan Kugler

Members receive our newsletter The Forge, and you will receive invitations to our many functions.

Membership is very affordable. Single membership is $35. Family membership is $50. And we also welcome your membership at the many higher levels.