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10th Annual World War II — USO Show

On March 6, 2009, FFVF Members attended the 10th Annual USO Show and Interview Day at Rancho Buena Vista High School. This exciting, historical, memorable event is the creative project of former FFVF Honor Medal winner, teacher and coach Pete La France. The high school juniors dressed in clothes of World War II vintage - Rose the Riveter, sailors, soldiers, etc. The students attended 3 sessions where they listened to WWII Veterans from every branch of the service, men and women. These 87 Oral Historians told the students of their war experiences.

After the classes, the students and veterans reported to the gym for a USO Show. The performers imitated the former USO entertainers. Both students and veterans danced the jitterbug. Each veteran was escorted to the cafeteria for lunch. The visitors were truly impressed with these young high school juniors, their respectful deportment and polite interaction with the guests. The veterans' advice to the students was to further their education. So many had successful careers because of the GI Bill of Rights. Students heard, too, how important it was that the country was united in the war effort and that family members were recognized for their many sacrifices. It was a valuable hands-on history lesson for all!