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Don't miss the 2018 Forum! All members and guests are invited.

V.P. Youth, Virginia Syverson engages students in discussion

Chapter President Jo Liddell with keynote speaker, Gary Wolfram

Student Forum 2017

Our annual youth forum is one of our most exciting activities which promotes citizenship, leadership and responsibility with students from local schools. This gives them an opportunity to hear keynote speaker, Dr. Gary Wolfram, Hillsdale College, who provides them with a unique perspective about current economic and political issues.

The 40th Annual Youth Leadership Forum was held on October 26th this year at the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park. Eleventh grade students from 12 county highschools participated. All were impressed with Dr.
Wolfram who gave them a lot to think about. Following his speech the students met in small groups with adult leaders which gave them a chance to reflect on the most pressing problems they themselves identified. For example, many students spoke about the economy and how difficult it has become to find a job. They were also concerned with the budget crisis and pending legislation in Congress. The museum with its military history and memorabilia also impressed the students.
Students were introduced to the three-day National Youth Leadership Summit at Valley Forge, Pa., followed by a three day stay in Washington, D.C. There is a rigorous application process and this year our San Diego County Chapter Freedoms Foundation will send 12 students and two chaperones to the conference and on to D.C.

Chapter members and guests are welcome to attend the forum. Many of our chapter members were "wowed" by the knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm of the students who attended this year. Watch for next years event in your Forge!

Gary Wolfram, Becky Reid and Sally Syren

Becky Reid, FFVF SD Chapter V.P. Education

Virginia Syverson, FFVF SD Chapter V.P. Youth